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Long Distance Movers

Los Angeles and San Diego Long Distance Movers

Choose Our Long Distance Moving company with Confidence.

Flat Rate, No Hidden Fees!

Once we agree on a fixed price, it will not be changed and remain fixed. Our long-distance movers offer moving services that include loading, driving, and unloading. We do not charge any additional fees for gas or mileage. Relax, while we take care of all your moving needs!

one Truck - One Customer

You have the entire truck to yourself for your long-distance move, unlike other moving companies that share space for belongings. Our long-distance moving service caters exclusively to one customer at a time, and we provide wrapping materials and straps for your move.

1-3 days delivery

Our long-distance movers confidently deliver your belongings within days, depending on your location. For instance, Las Vegas is a same-day or next-day delivery, while movers to San Francisco arrive the following day. Our priority is to provide high-quality long-distance moving services.

Convenient Location

The starting location for your destination can differ as per your convenience. Los Angeles or San Diego long-distance movers are always available to provide moving services. Regardless of your location, be it Los Angeles, San Diego, our movers are always available to assist you with your move!

Long Distance Movers

Moving to Nearby Cities

The price depends on the size of the move. We typically charge the following prices for a studio or one to two bedrooms: 

  • Las Vegas: $2000-$2500
  • San Francisco: $3000
  • San Jose: $3000

Our long-distance movers provide quality service worthy of the price. We aim to make your relocation comfortable and affordable.

Out of State Movers

We confidently offer affordable prices for state-to-state moving services:

  • Arizona – $3000
  • Colorado – $5000
  • Oregon – $4500
  • Washington – $5000
  • Wyoming – $5000
  • Utah – $5000
  • Idaho – $5000
  • New Mexico – $5000




Yes, our moving company offer a flat rate for  moving services. A flat rate means that you will be charged a fixed price for your move, regardless of the time it takes or any additional services required. This can be a convenient option for customers who prefer to know the exact cost upfront and avoid any surprises.

No, you don’t have to! We’re happy to provide an entire truck for your needs.

It depends on the location. For example, your belongings can be delivered on the same day to nearby cities like Las Vegas, or within the next day if it is San Francisco. On average, interstate moving takes 2-3 days.